Courses and their respective descriptions

The list of courses seeks to cover all the basic aspects of Computer Science, in addition to meeting the demands of the different areas of research. The core courses comprise Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Architecture (also associated to the Computer Systems resesarch line) , Language Theory (also in the Theory research line) and Special Topics on Computer Science (covering variable topics of general interest). The Design and Analysis of Algorithms course is mandatory for Master's students. Credits corresponding to Teaching Assistantship activities are also offered, being one semester mandatory to Master's students and two to doctorate's students.

No distinction is made between courses for master and doctorate degrees. A large number of advanced courses, covering specific topics on different subjects, reflect the current research activities and interests of our professors.

Most courses are worth 4 credits each; however, the program also offers subjects called "Special Topics", worth 1, 2, 3, or 4 credits. Students can also develop special assignments or studies up to a maximum of 1/6 of the minimum number of credits required to obtain the desired degree.

To facilitate planning, courses are grouped into a common core and seven knowledge areas, as shown below: