The program has a single focus area, Computer Science, and is anchored in seven lines of research that are reflected in the courses offered to the students, in addition to general training subjects.

In 2016, 53 professors participated in the Program. The excellence of the faculty is reflected in the fact that 42 professors are recipients of CNPq research grants and three are full members of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. Diversity in faculty formation is another fact of relevance, given that most faculty members have obtained their doctorate in leading universities abroad.

The emphasis on excellence in human resources training has attracted talents from all over Brazil, as well as from several countries including Argentina, Chile, Cuba, France, Peru, and Portugal, among others. Most doctors and masters work in academia and a significant number work for the high-tech industry in companies such as Google, Microsoft Research, Cadence, UOL, iVision, and Amazon as well as the software industry.