The Evolution of PHP/Hack Execution at Facebook

sexta-feira, 23 Outubro, 2020 - 15:00
Guilherme Ottoni, Facebook

In this talk, I'll describe our efforts to improve the performance of
Facebook's website over the past 10+ years. I will give an overview
of how Facebook morphed from running standard PHP code using PHP's
interpreter to running the Hack dialect of PHP on top of HHVM -- a
highly optimized virtual machine. This talk will present multiple
generations of the PHP/Hack compilers that we built along the way.
Finally, I'll also talk about two binary-level optimization tools that we
built to overcome weaknesses in highly optimized C/C++ compilers
(GCC/Clang) used to build HHVM and many other large-scale binaries.

Short bio: 
Guilherme Ottoni is currently a Distinguished Software Engineer at Facebook, where he works on compilers and optimizations to improve the performance of Facebook's server workloads. Before joining Facebook in 2011, Guilherme was a Staff Research Scientist at Intel Labs. Prior to moving to the US, Guilherme organized the Brazilian Olympiad in Informatics (OBI) and coached the Brazilian teams at IOI 2001-2003. Guilherme received his BS in Computer Engineering from FURG, his MS in Computer Science from UNICAMP, and his PhD in Computer Science from Princeton University.
Professor envolvido: 
Fernando Magno Quintão Pereira