Carlos Camarão de Figueiredo

Adjunto  Professor 

Doutor, University of Manchester, Inglaterra, 1994   www
 ICEx/DCC, room 7329, +55 (31) 3409-5889
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Ph.D. PhD in Computer Science na University of Manchester em 1994
M.Sc. Ciências da Computação na Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais em 1987
B.Sc. Engenharia Mecânica na Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais em 1981

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Ambiguity and constrained polymorphism
Mechanized metatheory for a $$lambda $$ λ -calculus with trust types
2013. Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society (Impresso).
Ambiguity and context-dependent overloading
2013. Journal of The Brazilian Computer Society (Online).

Papers in conferences

Certified Derivative-Based Parsing of Regular Expressions
2016. SBLP 2016 (20th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages).
Optional Type Classes for Haskell
2016. SBLP 2016 (20th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages).
A Mechanized Textbook Proof of a Type Unification Algorithm
2015. 18th Brazilian Symposium on Formal Methods.
Type Inference for GADTs and Anti-unification
2015. XXIX SBLP.
First Class Overloading via Intersection Type Parameters
2011. SBLP 2011 (XV Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages). 4
Constraint-set satisfiability for Overloading
2004. Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming (PPDP'04).
Practical Type Inference for Polymorphic Recursion: an Implementation in Haskell
2003. SBLP '2003.
A Smart Recompilation Scheme in a CHILL Compiler
1990. 5th CHILL Conference.

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